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Trailrider's Prayer Poem by Margo Imes, Cowboy Poet
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Margo's cowboy poetry books make the perfect gift for everyone who loves cowboy poetry, horses, ranch living, or understands the "joy" of raising 6 kids on the farm!
Pony Tales
15 poems about ranch life that will tickle your funny bone and pull your heart strings.
Pony Tales Contents: 15 cowboy poems
Vertical divider image Pony Tales II
16 new poems that will delight the heart and nourish the soul.
Pony Tales II Contents: 16 new cowboy poems
Pony Tales The Collection: Cowboy Poetry by Margo Imes
Both books for only
Pony Tales $6.00
Pony Tales II $6.00
Pony Tales The Collection: Cowboy Poetry by Margo Imes $11.00
(All prices include postage & handling.) 

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These poems were all written to be read aloud or recited. Gesture, expression, and voice all work together to bring the lines to life, setting the scene and evoking mood. In this respect cowboy poetry is more closely related to the tradition of oral storytelling than it is to that of written literary forms.

Margo Imes has written stories and poetry all her life, with an emphasis on cowboy poetry during the last several years. Her books, Pony Tales & Pony Tales II, are collections of poems inspired by her ranch experiences. Most of her poems reflect actual events involving horses, cattle, and even a favorite barn cat. You are sure to enjoy these "stories in rhyme"!

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